E-Party Hosting

What is E-Party Hosting?
E-Party Hosting is a stress free way to shop online and be rewarded for it.  Every party needs a hostess right?  Only this time the hostess gets paid for having a 10 days long party?  As an E-Party Hostess, you invite your family and friends to shop at our website at their convenience during your 10 day party period.  They shop and you get rewarded!

Benefits of Being an E-Party Hostess?

  • 10% CASH of your total party (minus shipping and applicable taxes)
  • FREE shipping on anything the hostess orders
  • Earn cash everytime someone in your party books a party during your party
  • There is nothing to distribute
  • Orders are shipped directly to your guests
  • This will be the easiest party you ever hosted.  Everything is done online!

How do I get started?
Email us, and we will schedule the date and create your personal E-Party Flyer.  All you do is supply the guests and send out the email.

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